Digital Painting: Color & Light (age 10+)

Session III

The allure of digital art lies in its boundless creative possibilities, seamless experimentation, and dynamic interactivity. Artists can effortlessly explore diverse styles, manipulate textures, and engage viewers with immersive experiences. The fusion of technology and artistic expression captivates audiences by transcending traditional boundaries, fostering innovation, and reshaping visual narratives.

Key skills in digital art include mastering digital tools (software, tablets), understanding composition, color theory, and perspective. Proficiency in layering, shading, and digital painting techniques enhances artists’ ability to create compelling visual narratives.

Session III - $2,340/session

Session III: July 22 – August 9
9:30am-4:00pm, Monday–Friday
Early drop off and late pick-up extended care available

Course Overview

In this class, we’ll cover:

  • Learning basics of how to use photoshop
  • Learning basic of value and color theory
  • Finding simple from complicity
  • Using color to tell emotions in painting
  • Learning basic composition

Materials: Laptop; Wacom Cintiq; Photoshop; Sketchbook.

Course Outline

Lesson 1 : Basics of photoshop and layering

Lesson 2 : Shapes & forms

Lesson 3 : Value

Lesson 4 : Greyscale

Lesson 5 : Color theory – HSB

Lesson 6 : Temperature

Lesson 7 : Composition & focal area

Lesson 8 : Speed painting

Lesson 9 : Color and emotions

Lesson 10 : Final polish


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